Uniforms-Tri-L Christian Academy

Uniform Guidelines

 Please continue to check your emails for updated uniform information.

            Black closed in rubber soled  shoe ( not a sneaker)
            Navy/black socks ( No footies)
             Post earrings or hoop earrings
             ( no larger than the circumference of a nickel.)

            Black belt
            Navy/black socks  ( No footies)
            Black shoe -with a rubber sole ( not a sneaker)
            Boys are not permitted to wear earrings.

Hair:  Boys are permitted to wear braids, however, they must be neat and worn away from face. 
Hair colors are to be moderate and basic, true to natural colors.  Styles must reflect that of a Christian academy and are subject to the administrator's discretion.     
Winter Attire:  Jackets/ sweat shirts must be dark colored with no writing.        
Your 2017-2018 Parent/Student Handbook has detailed information regarding uniform guidelines and policy.